The Ferrari GTO was a sports car marketed by Ferrari in the fifties to eighties. Its name stood for Gran Turismo Omoligato, Italian for Grand Touring Homologated (Grand Touring Qualified). It shared its name with the Pontiac GTO. The 1984 GTO was the fastest production car of all time when first introduced.


Like all Ferraris, the GTO was very competitive in GT racing. The later models competed in the IMSA GT Championship.


Metal musician Sammy Hagar drove a GTO in the music video for his song I Can't Drive 55.

Video Gaming Edit

In the game Forza Motorsport 4, if the player reaches 125 miles per hour in a 1980s GTO, the achievement "I Can't Drive 55" is unlocked. This is a reference to the song, including the "125" being from the song as a reference to the police code for speeding.

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